quote My wife and I were immediately at ease with Kimmy. We found the perfect balance for our level of yoga. She is very intuitive and spend time to get to know your needs. While her background is of that of an experience teacher, we always felt like we were learning together and that made it much more interesting.”

-Trent, eResources, specialist

quote Kimmy is the kind of person you meet for the first time but feel as if you have known her for years. She immediately put you at ease with her compassionate, playful and open personality. Im always impressed with how Kimmy weaves her technical knowledge of anatomy with the fluidity of each yoga asana. We will float out of her class glowing and smiling.

– Lisa, Yoga Teacher

quote I took private lessons from Kimmy. She does a great job teaching complex yoga concepts in easy to understand language. Now I think I understand the concepts of inner spiral qand putting my shoulders unto my back and she invites laughter into a practice which I truly enjoy!

– Jen, Psychotherapist at Mountain House, Victor, ID

quote I started having twice weekly private sessions with Kimmy about 4 months ago. Over that time I have gained noticeable strength flexibility. I can do poses I wasn’t able to do before and can hold poses longer or without prop assistance. I have achieved this progress through hard work and a smile. Kimmy strives for her clients to ‘find ease’ in their practice. Kimmy exudes positive energy, adjust to her clients’ needs, and knows her stuff. I really appreciate her focus on anatomy and what muscles are used in each pose. Others may not be interested in this more scientific view of yoga. That said, I’m sure Kimmy would evaluate your interest and adjust her approach to what works for you.”

-Michelle G, Wells Fargo Bank

quote It was a very interesting “lesson” trying to connect to such intimate (yet weak) are of my body. You are amazingly genuine and made me feel very comfortable, again thank you. I could not stop talking about it last night too, very excited about doing the exercises. I did some the exercises in a meeting today!”

– Chana, Director of Catering at Oracle