For Private session initiating movement for pelvic floor

Think of you pelvic floor as the bottom of the tote bag that carries your body around.The pelvic floor is the basic of proper alignment. Pelvic floor fitness is essential for normal badder,bowel and sexual function. Common problems such as urinary incontinence, a vaginal prolapse, poor sexual satisfaction including erectile dysfunction are all associated with pelvic floor muscle weakness or gripping. A ‘strong’ muscle is a flexible muscle. This deep pelvic floor ‘work’ will help you.

  • Deepen your Breath
  • Find softness in neck and shoulders
  • Relax hips and ease low back pain
  • Increased sexual response and enjoyment
  • A deeper sense of presence in your body

Packages available and recommended. I encouraged 6 weeks of dedication to establish significant results.

Private Session Per Hour

  • $125/1.5 hour

Six-Sessions Package

  • less than $95 ┬áper 1.5 session

Twelve-Sessions Package

  • $300 savings

Couple/Dual sessions

A great way to spend time with a friend or connect deeply with a lover. Couple yoga is a beautiful way to encourage touch, through adjusting and assisting each other a perfect way to ‘play’ with each other with partner poses. Most importantly, an easy way to practice communicating about what kind of touch feels good. The couples I have worked with all have found more joy in the spiritual and sexual connection they share.

One Hour Session


1.5 Hour Session


Private Hatha Yoga

Connect deeply to your soul. Tap onto the powerful nature of your body. Tune in to your deeper intelligence. Tap into the immense force that created you.Look at the optimism of nature. Nothing can stop it. Only the ego makes humans pessimistic, and causes suffering. Amma(Mata Amaritanandamay Devi). Through private sessions you will rediscover your ‘optimal blueprint’. Discover the energy that your body is trying to align with, your deep nervous system is always trying to bring back your ‘original, optimal blueprint’. Your attitude is your structure. Maritza (My mentor and 30 years master in yogini).