Yoga Neighborhood Instructor

Kimmy Carter arrived at yoga training with no intention to teach. Her training was a opportunity to process her own grief. After 13 years of success in the pharmaceutical industry, Kimmy recognized it was no longer her path. It was then she decided to deepen her yoga practice. At the same time, she learned the holistic methods that heal the self.

At training, Kimmy learned it was possible to heal from incontinence, or a lack of restraint over the bladder and bowels. Right away, light bulbs went off in her head. Through yoga, we can rebuild strength, ease pelvic pain and create a more joyful sex life.

She arrived home and began reading everything she could about yoga and pelvic floor muscles. Within months, Kimmy became certified as a pelvic floor yoga therapist. She grew into her passion to help others discover the connection to the shamed and under-discussed, yet significant part of the human body.

Kimmy is an anatomy enthusiast. She has learned the body from inside out. Her all-embracing education includes a 6-day, human dissection workshop with Gil Hedley, PhD., as well as pelvic floor yoga teacher training with Leslie Howard. Kimmy also attended unique workshops that focused on the hips, knees and feet with physical therapist, Harvey Duetch.

Kimmy has a tremendous amount of gratitude to her mentors who informed the way she teaches. Her mentors include Darcy Lyon, Maritza and Dina Amsterdam. Kimmy shows commitment to discovering the basic ground of who we are through reconnecting, or ‘coming home’ to the body. She believes that, by rejoining the body, we can discover a real sense of power, confidence and joy.

The Practice

Pelvic floor yoga is a practical, accessible way to unite the body and mind. By connecting to our bodies, we restore joy, find comfort, repair alignment and heal. Yoga teaches us to plunge our roots deep into the solid ground of fortitude, steadiness and clarity. From this profound power, we recharge and embody what we stand for. We even learn what they’re not telling us: we can heal without prescription medications.

Kimmy’s private sessions are alignment-based hatha yoga with a focus on engaging muscular form. A personalized session will strengthen and energize you, not deplete or exhaust you. You will leave feeling calm, focused and accomplished. An intelligent and balanced yoga practice supports, challenges, wakens and invigorates the body and the mind.

As Kimmy guides the practice, each pose encourages playfulness, joy, vibrancy, inner peace and healing. Yogis laugh, have fun and learn methods to heal in a comfortable and unabashed environment. When yoga is offered this way –– privately and semi-privately –– the learning catapults the student to a different level of awareness. The student fleetingly learns equilibrium within their own system.